Art endeavors have been the pattern woven through this artist's career that spans over 20 years in the fields of advertising and marketing that helped to define her unique style to form a new dimension of creating CLA Creations.  A creator of one of a kind hand sculpted pieces, Colleen is inspired by the beauty of nature and the sea.  Incredible clay creations are infused with natural elements from the environment, such as starfish, coral fans, foliage and many other simplistic objects that are molded in the CLA Creations. This thread connects art with nature and has made this artist's collection unique, and one that can be beautifully displayed in homes to celebrate the treasures we find in nature. 

Colleen began creating pottery as a young child, and then later began to design and create porcelain jewelry that was successfully sold at Macy’s retail stores across the North East.  She has always had a passion to create art and recently ventured into a new technique, which embeds a fossil-like design into her sculptures that reflect themes such as the ocean, along with her themed vineyard collection that uses grape vines with unique shapes.  Colleen's work has been recognized with awards and special honors for her unique pottery and her sculpted shapes reflecting the beauty of nature.  The collection includes such pieces as the Star of the Sea Bowl, the Oceanic Reflections, Sea Grass, Grape Vine and botanical leaves.  All pieces are functional and high-fired with lead-free and food safe glazes.

These unique CLA Creations are meant to touch those who want to enjoy art while being inspired by nature.

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